Forward-Factory Testing & Quality Assurance!

In addition to our complete line of calibrated measurement tools, MRD, Inc. Owns a Faro® Platinum Arm for high precision 3-D inspection and reverse-engineering applications.

Our cross-discipline design & production staff can run standard leak tests on all of our products and will also tailor customized test procedures and dimensional inspection reports for any application:

  • Static or dynamic interval testing from seconds to months in duration
  • We stock many carbon steel, stainless, ductile iron, composite pipes for product testing

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. is experienced in electronic monitoring and data- recording of the following items (equipment calibrated to NIST standards):

  • Pressure decay and leak testing of products
  • Interval testing / endurance life testing of products
  • LVDT displacement & deflection monitoring
  • General force and strain monitoring

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. also utilizes Tek-Scan® sensors for seal contact pressure profile plots (typically used in critical sealing application testing).

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