Adding process and inspection equipment to automotive production and assembly lines increases safety and efficiency. At Mechanical Research & Design, Inc., we specialize in production line work assist solutions, unique pressure isolation systems, and leak testing tools of varying complexity and size. We prioritize forward-thinking design to help our customers build efficient, profitable, and productive processes. We’re proud to serve the automotive industry with solutions such as our lifting and positioning work assist products, leak detection equipment, general Sealfast® inflatable automotive seals and gaskets, and much more.

Work Assist Products

Our lifting and product placement work assist devices add controlled power, support and lifting capacity to your factory floor.  These devices typically function utilizing an actively actuated Sealfast ® Inflatable or Mechanical Seal, or other engineered mechanical appendages, to gently lift parts ranging from round to irregular shapes in a designed safe and reliable manner.  Devices such as pneumatic lifts, robotic end effectors, and vertical arms can carry heavy, repetitive, or fragile loads allowing for easier handling, installation, positioning, or inspection. These solutions can vary widely in capability and weight capacities and degrees of control differ depending on the specific work assist solution. Fully automated work assist tools lift parts as part of a routine production process, whereas remote-controlled arm attachments offer complete separation from the physical lifting process to keep human operators safe without sacrificing control.

Different work assist products also may use a number of lifting, supporting, or guiding mechanisms, such as hooks, magnets, support or guide seals, or finger-like assemblies that allow for greater dexterity and process control. Isolation and support tools typically also utilize inflatable, single- or  multi-head tools that use mechanical or inflatable seals to support or hold the parts to shape or in position during critical manufacturing processes. Some of our other tools can be utilized in repetitive filling or packaging operations, to protect workers and control mediums such as parts or powders. We design and manufacture work assist tools that can be built to handle circular, oval, triangular, rectangular, and square parts securely. Our work assist devices include:

  • Work positioning tools
  • Lifting and pulling tools
  • Isolation and support tools
  • Packing and filling solutions

Typical Applications for our Work Assist Tools

We manufacture several different specialized tools, both standard designs and customized to fit your specific needs, focused around these areas and much more:

  • Repetitive lifting and placement of fragile components
  • Lifting motor stators
  • Lifting and testing bricks for catalytic converters
  • Parts handling, as robotic end effectors, especially for automated production and assembly lines
  • Material picking applications to speed up kitting and assembly processes
  • Handling heavy or large ceramic molds and pieces 
  • Multi-position assembly and machining fixturing devices for heavy and complicated to move components for automated and manual processes.
  • Internal and external part support during machining and fabrication processes

Leak Testers

Progressive weldments, tube and hose assemblies, injection molded plastics, and other closed system leaks or defects  can often be caught during automotive production processes if the right tools are used at the right time. Missing these issues early on may lead to the parts or complete assemblies failing during later inspections increasing the cost of repairs, decreasing the quality of the final part, or even adversely impacting the safety of production workers or end users Our manual and automated leak testing tools improve the efficiency and integrity of processes without causing lags or delays. These tools are generally designed for each specific application to typically utilize common shop pneumatic pressures or other available fluids to confirm welds and assembled connections with an emphasis on high cycle life, low cost replacement parts, and human factors during operation.

Leak testers are an essential element of the inspection and quality assurance process. We provide tools ranging from manual, handheld leak testers to comprehensive fully automated leak testing solutions for the factory floor. 

Along with our customer leak testing solutions, Mechanical Research and Design produces the following related parts:

  • Muffler and Catalytic Converter weld leak testers
  • Speaker housing leak testers
  • Hose and tube assembly leak testers
  • General weldment and manifold leak testers
  • Other turnkey Sealfast® inflatable seals and gaskets for testing systems

Work Assist Products and Leak Testers Minimize Risk and Reduce Costs

Work assist  tools and leak tester products make producing car parts and assembly automotive configurations safer and faster. Work assist products, such as lifting and handling tools help operators control the movement of heavy, sensitive, or oversized parts and in-progress assemblies, reducing risk of injury to workers and adapting to today’s automated industrial processes. 

While work assist tools facilitate more efficient processes, leak testers help operators to check the work at various stages, progressively. Automotive plants can use leak testers during the creation of individual parts, during spot checks throughout the production process, or once the assemblies are fully constructed to check for quality control issues, parts that need repairs or modification, and parts that otherwise fail to meet inspection standards. This creates more efficient processes and ensures that every product leaving the facility is of consistent quality. 

Automotive Door Seals From Mechanical Research And Design

Work assist tools and leak detection devices are excellent additions to automotive production processes keeping  workers and products safer while increasing on-time delivery, with fewer costly product rejections.  We specialize in customized solutions and would be happy to work with you from the initial drawing board to in-shop product validation and cycle testing. Contact our team today to learn more about our customizable solutions or request a quote for pricing details.



Work-positioning and lifting tools for parts production.


Leak-testing tools for parts QA acceptance.


General inflatable seals and gaskets for final product use.


General automotive plant maintenance of process piping lines and machine repair.

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