Flange Adaptors

A flange adaptor is a temporary or long term pipe attachment that provides leak-proof sealing and maximum adjustability in telescoping pipe joints.
FAI1 - Type A Flange Adaptor PDFFAI2 - Type B Flange Adaptor PDF

Design Variations

Type A (unrestrained):

  • User provides restraint to hold pipe sections together
  • Unit provides leak-free adjustable joint

Type B (integral restraint):

  • Mechanical Research & Design flange adaptor provides both pressure-rated integral restraint and leak-proof adjustable joint


Mechanical Research & Design can also provide gauges, hoses, manifolds, valves, regulators and control panels for all of your peripheral needs.



Allow attachment of pipe flange without welding when volatile gases are present.


Allows emergency attachment of flange on weld-prepped pipes.


Allow clean packing of powder media (medical and industrial).


Allow controlled pipe length adjustment with minimal downtime in telescoping pipe joints.

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