Pipe Joint Testers

The Sealfast® Pipe Joint Tester is available in sizes from 1/2″ to 144″. The pipe joint tester is used to test a long term pipe joint prior to operation or to isolate leaks in piping systems. The pipe joint tester consists of a metal barrel (cylinder) fitted with the Sealfast® “double acting” seal rings located within recessed channels at each end.

JTI - Standard Joint Tester PDFJTI - Split Joint Tester PDF

The Pipe Joint Tester incorporates a mating flange on one end and inflatable seals beyond the joint to be tested. When the pipe joint tester is installed, the annular space between the seals becomes a fluid tight chamber, allowing the user to check the pipe joint for leakage.

Joint testers are the ideal tool for pipeline joint testing and isolation applications.


Eliminate testing the entire pipeline


Packer seals for unique applications


Test pipe joints during installation and repair joints as you go

JTI-Split Series – Split Style Joint Testers

Collapsible to fit through Manholes, etc.
Navigate through elbows, tee, wyes.

JTA Series – Articulating Joint Testers

Joint testers designed to roll easily around elbows, tees and wyes in pipelines.

JTR Series – Reducing Style Joint Testers

Designed specifically to test reducer weld joints and abrupt pipe size changes.

JT-Remote Series – Remote Install Joint Testers

Designed for hard to reach or hard to install locations and applications that extend as far as hundreds of feet into a pipeline. Special installation tools available. Applications include well testers and packer seals.

JTPP Series – Pipe Pulling Systems

Minimize equipment during pipe installation and utilize our joint tester / pipe puller combination tool. Good for hard to access pipelines. Pendants and controls included.

JTM Series – Mechanical Seal Style Joint Testers

For applications that require extreme pressures, the highest safety requirements, long term installations and tests, or remote locations where utilities are unavailable. Mechanical joint testers are the solution!

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. joint tester series features:



Available in mechanical and inflatable seal versions


Sizes from 0.5" to over 144"


Available in collapsible / split designs for non-consistent pipe geometries


Articulating style for tight elbows and tees


Vacuum pressure testing



Process pipeline joint testing


Gas and refinery joint testing and volatile gas isolation


Flange testing for all flange variations


Utility and transmission line testing


Force and gravity mains


Well testing and injection


Oil and gas fishing and packing testers

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