Specialty Pipe Plugs

Mechanical Research & Design welcomes requirements that are outside normal ranges. We will "go the extra mile" to assist you in developing and producing non-standard pipe plugs, custom sealing devices and pressure testing devices.

Flow Through Large By-Pass Plug

The specialty plug, Sealfast® Large By-pass Plug, features a flanged connection, which allows pumping or draining process fluids from one section of the pipe to another. This flanged feature also allows the user to meter the flow of a pipeline from full flow to shut off. For bypassing damaged sections of pipeline. Flanged and threaded connections available.

Split Plug

The specialty plug, Sealfast® Split Plug, for use where access to pipe is limited (manholes, manways, etc).

Custom Expansion Plugs and Specialty Pipe Plugs for Your Needs

We have the in-house capabilities to evaluate, design, build and install our products in any situation. We can engineer plugs suitable for underwater, underground or any hostile, hazardous environment and have the ability to provide underwater installation services.

Multi Seal Plug

The Sealfast® Multi Seal is used in Applications where redundant sealing means are required.

Square and Irregularly Shaped Plugs

The Sealfast® Square and irregularly shaped are available upon request from sizes 3″ through 30 feet. These plugs which are built to your size/configurations can be used in doors, tunnels, channels, aqueducts or any size/shape opening during construction or maintenance outages.

Multi-Size Plugs

The Sealfast® Multi-Size for testing joints in tapered pipe sections or reduced pipe sections.

Remotely-Installed Plugs

The Sealfast® Remotely Installed Specialty Plugs can be ordered to be installed remotely from a dry/safe location. Consult factory for details.

Fail-Safe Plugs

Fail-safe specialty plugs are spring loaded to seal themselves, and require the application of air or hydraulic pressure to unseat the plug for removal.

O.D. Plugs

For applications of high pressure testing on thin wall pipe and inaccessible pipe I.D. restrain on pipe O.D.

Remote Installation Tools

For hard to reach installation applications, hazardous work-zones or ROV installations (example: reactor maintenance)

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