Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. fabricates bulkheads for a number of different uses. As with nearly all of our products, our bulkheads can be fitted with either inflatable or mechanical seals and in some case both types of seal.

We typically construct our bulkheads out of light-weight, high strength 6061-T6 aluminum but have the capability to build them out of nearly any material.

Our bulkheads can be constructed in a variety of shapes and sizes from standard square, rectangular, circular, elliptical to nearly any irregular shape. Sizes range from from 2′-30′

Typical Applications:


Hydroelectric dam tunnel / tailpipe


Water treatment maintenance


Underwater outfall / inlet


Water aqueducts


Open channel flow storage


Nuclear applications

Have Specific Requirements?

We specialize in custom solutions! Take a look a few of our proven custom solutions or let us know your requirements. Our engineers and production staff are equipped to travel around the world at a moment’s notice to assist you with your needs!

610 Series
Inflatable Bulkhead

Our inflatable bulkheads are known throughout the world for their super-durable Sealfast® seal design. The inflatable bulkhead was designed for quick, leak-tight sealing applications. Our customized seal housings are often used to reduce parts (often times by eliminating the bracing bar) and fasteners.

620 Series
Mechanical Seal Bulkhead

Bulkheads with mechanical seals can be more reliable than their inflatable counterparts as they can never lose air pressure. Our mechanical bulkheads can come with their own integral restraint systems or can easily be adapted to existing rails, stop log channels, or even anchored into existing walls.

630 Series
Combination Mechanical / Inflatable Seal Bulkhead

The 630 Series gives you the best of both worlds: the safety and reliability of a mechanical seal as well as the efficiency of an inflatable seal.

Bulkhead features:


For temporary or long term installations


Positive "seal" against water pressure


Positive "hold" against water pressure



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