We can provide a vast collection of case studies and specifications detailing our experience in working with applications similar to yours.

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. is able to provide several standard and custom products based on our proven sealing technologies.

Most products have short lead times that allow us to provide immediate delivery. Contact us today to speak with one of our qualified product engineers to design and fabricate a product for your specific application. Our engineers will guide you through the steps from feasibility analysis to selection of a specific product type most suited to your needs.

Mechanical Pipe Plugs

Mechanical Pipe Plugs and pipe stoppers are primarily used when safety is paramount.

Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Inflatable pipe plugs are primarily used in applications where time is critical and pipe conditions & geometry are unknown.

Speciality Pipe Plugs

We welcome specialty pipe plugs whose requirements are outside normal ranges. Pipe expansion plugs, custom seals and joint testers made to your specs!

High Pressure Pipe Plugs

High pressure pipe test plugs, or pipe stoppers, eliminate the need to weld on end caps or plates for system testing, saving valuable time.

Medium Pressure Pipe Stoppers

Medium pressure pipe stoppers perform at the specified pressures common in the water supply, water treatment and industrial industries.

Low Pressure Pipe Plugs

Low pressure test plugs are ideal for testing, repair and maintenance of pipe systems.


We fabricate bulkheads for a number of different uses including aluminum, watertight and temporary bulkheads.

Pipe Joint Testers

Pipe joint testers are the ideal tool for pipeline joint testing and isolation applications to eliminate testing the entire pipeline.

Flange Adaptors

Flange Adaptors are a temporary or long term pipe attachment that provides leak-proof sealing and maximum adjustability in telescoping pipe joints.

Flange Testers

The Sealfast® flange pipe pressure testing tools can be used to test the welded joint or threaded joint of a flange without the need to test the complete pipe system.

Annular Seals

Annular seals can be one of several configurations that create a positive air seal both inwards and outwards to allow the effective pressure testing in pipe sealing.

Inflatable Seals

Our inflatable, air, pneumatic and molded seals work by the introduction of an inflation pressure in to the cavity of the inflatable seal.

Mechanical Seals

Our mechanical seals come in a wide assortment of shapes and materials including hydraulic seals and shaft seals for long-term installations.

Industrial Leak Testing

We offer a large variety of standard and non-standard custom industrial leak testing and pressure test tools.


Pipe lifters, pipe pullers and other work positioning tools allow efficient and safe product handling.

Offshore Tools

MR&D, Inc. offers several different product lines such as gas pipeline welding tools, specifically tailored to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Nuclear Tools

We have been providing high quality nuclear seals, isolation and test tools supporting safe nuclear power generation for decades.

Custom Tools

Application-specific design solutions are our way of life. Very seldom does a standard, off-the-shelf product fully satisfy a customer’s requirements. We have acquired a large collection of specialized design and fabrication.


Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. can provide all accessory components including leak detection equipment for your project today!

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