High Pressure Pipe Plugs & Stoppers

High Pressure Pipe Plugs eliminate the need to weld on end caps or plates for system testing, saving valuable time. All pipe plugs are designed for simple and safe installation. Steel grips inside of the pipe expand and grip when a nut is tightened, and the elastomer seal ring compresses to form a tight seal for testing.

The high pressure pipe test plugs series of pipe plugs available from Mechanical Research & Design are available for applications that exceed 100psig. Our custom sizes include 1/2″ to 60″. Sealing can be done either internally or externally. Please provide the pipe I.D., type and pressure requirements.


High Pressure Pipe Test Plug Features:

  • Internal and external pipe stoppers allow you to test different types of pipe and tubing.
  • Reverse pressure (RP) stoppers allow you to isolate and test the integrity of a single weld.
  • Thru Test Port allows testing/draining through the plug.
  • Standard sizes are available to different configurations to suit your specific application.
  • Engineering expertise to help you develop other non-standard sizes, configurations and applications.

High Pressure Pipe Test Plug Applications:

  • Pipelines operating over 100 PSIG.
  • Quick and easy testing of Plain-end pipe systems.
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