Sealing Solutions

Standard custom designed sealing products to fit your specific application.

Design & Consultation

We develop many customized and unique systems for almost any requirement.


We house a full production machine shop and weld fabrication shop.


Our cross-discipline design and production staff can run standard and tailored customized tests including dimensional inspection reports on all of our products for any application.

Onsite Services

Our engineers and production staff are equipped to travel around the world at a moment’s notice to assist you with your needs!

Pipe Plugs & Sealing Solutions

Since 1976, Mechanical Research & Design has produced Mechanical & Inflatable Pipe Plugs, Annular Seals and more in standard and nonstandard sizes as well as custom plug and seal solutions for almost every industry and every application worldwide.

Pipe Plugs & More

Renowned For High Quality Sealfast® Pipe Plugs

Mechanical Research & Design produces only the highest quality pipe plugs, nozzle plugs, mechanical seals and more. When looking for any type of custom seals, mechanical seals, multi size plugs or any type of pipe plug, make Mechanical Research & Design your number one choice. We provide both quality and value!

Your Source for All Custom Pipe Plugs and Sealing Products

At Mechanical Research & Design, product-engineering expertise is available to develop and meet specifications for custom seals provided by our customers. Our field experienced engineers can understand your specific application and recommend the safest and most economical sealing product. All unusual sizes and applications are welcome at Mechanical Research & Design. Together we can save time and man-hours.

Durable Pipe Plugs, Mechanical Seals and Inflatable Door Seals

Mechanical Research & Design not only has a reputation for quality mechanical seals, inflatable door seals, and custom seals, it also is known for supplying customers with durable pipe plugs, multi size plugs, mechanical pipe plugs and a variety of other pipe stopping products!

Looking for a Custom Solution?

We can work with you to develop the right solution for your need.

Featured Product

72in Telescoping Bypass

A large construction company on the west coast came to us with the requirement of providing a large angled bypass for use in a high flow trans-municipal waterway.

About Us

Everyday Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. is developing innovative product designs to provide sealing solutions.
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